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Chain of Custody Form

The Botanacor Chain of Custody form will help keep your samples organized and ensure that everything is processed in the most accurate manner possible. Please complete this form and include in your shipment.

  1. Go to http://botanacor.com/sample-submission/ and review our step-by-step guide;
  2. Download our Chain of Custody form and provide the following info:
    • Company name/info;
    • Contact info for accounting;
    • Contact info for lab reporting;
    • Provide the Sample Name for each product you plan on submitting;
    • Provide the Batch ID if one is available;
    • If you have a formulated product, provide the target concentration/ratio;
    • What type of Product are you submitting? Biomass, concentrate, water soluble, tincture, etc.
    • Select the turn around time required for each test that your product requires;
    • Payment options: we accept check or credit card. If you are planning to pay by credit card, our accountant will call the number provided for “Billing Contact”.

      Please note: payment must be received prior to the release of final project report.

Updated on May 17, 2019

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