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Managing Notifications in the Client Portal

Notifications are a way for users to stay informed of new activity happening inside their account. You can control the type of notification, the workspace you wish to receive notifications for, and adjust your summary email settings.

Accessing Notifications Settings 

To access your notifications settings, click on your name as it appears at the top of the Client Portal page, and click “Notifications”. This will bring you to your Notifications settings page, which is broken down into two sections. The Summary Emails option allows you to set the frequency in which you receive the Summary email notification, should you choose to enable that feature. You can change the frequency to Never, As Events Occur, Daily, or Weekly. You can also choose to include your own activity or not.  

The Email Types section allows you to choose which type of notification you receive for each workspace you have been given access to. You may enable the Summary, Comments, Messages, and File notifications per workspace by checking or unchecking the boxes under each section. 

While Summary notification frequency can be adjusted, Comments, Messages, Tasks, and Files will always be distributed as events occur unless they are turned off. 

Updated on July 22, 2019

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